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No More Religion
The Second Malachi

Available FREE on E-mail Books.com. Sending the FREE Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world!

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I Have A Baby On The Way

Inspirations from the Word of God







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One Lord Teaching Ministry Series
Book I: Your Anointing

One Lord Dome
Hwy 316 & Collins Hill Road
Lawrenceville, GA

“Build It and They Will Come.”

You are invited to become an active part in building the One Lord Dome. The One Lord Teaching Ministry began in August, 2008. I do not own the land @ Hwy 316 or have the funds to purchase it. I also do not have an established facility for teaching or congregation backing. What I do have is Jesus and Favor. I also have you.

You are men and women hungry for a relationship with God. I pray that you will send prayers, favor and your best gift to the Ministry. 100% of your gifts will go to make the Vision a reality.

Donation: $20.00

The Gift

64 Frequently Asked Questions by Christians







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Dr. Yvonne Scott-Miller
Weight Loss Program Handbook
Plus The Daniel Diet

Stop using the old excuse "All of my family members are Big."

The devil is a liar. It is up to you to make a choice to continue the “Family Curse” or to Stop It! If you want to be a blessing to yourself and your family, this book is a must read.

Dr. Yvonne Scott-Miller’s Weight Loss program combines FDA Approved Medications with easy to follow Pearls. Since 2002, thousands of pounds have been lost by participants in the program.

BONUS INSIDE: The Physician Program Information. Now your Doctor can use Dr. Yvonne Scott-Miller’s Tool in their own Private Practice.


Price: $50.00 (Free with Weight Loss Program)
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