PHYSICIANS ONLY: Physician Weight Loss Program Start-Up Kit  



"I want to say that at the age of 51, I have tried numerous types of Diet and Exercise programs. None ever worked but for a short time. Then the weight came back double! This is the best Diet program I have ever been on. In 1 year I lost 38 pounds. For anyone who wants to lose weight and see the difference, I highly recommend this program."

Sheryl C., Age 51
38 Pounds Lost

"Dr. Scott's Weight Loss program has given me hope when I had none. This program has truly helped me to recapture my self confidence, my youthfulness and most of all my love and appreciation for life. The kind and encouraging words from the staff each month is priceless. Thank you Dr. Scott for creating a program that is sensitive and subtle yet a powerhouse to many."

Frances W., Age 33
27 Pounds Lost

This program has given me the extra help I needed to obtain my weight loss goals. I have struggled with my weight my whole life. While being on this program I have made a lifestyle change for myself. I have incorporated good eating habits and exercise weight back. This time, I didn’t “Diet”, I changed my life.

Elizabeth W., Age 28
68 pounds lost

This Weight Loss Program is Great! It is fun and easy to follow, great for all ages. This program helps you take the weight off slowly, so you can keep it off. The office staff is always nice and encouraging, as you make it closer and closer to your weight loss goal! I would recommend this program to anyone looking to loose weight!

Ashley M., Age 27
29 pounds lost in 7 months